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Projects in Papua New Guinea

ERIAS Group personnel have a long career history in resource development projects in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that extends back to the mid 1980s, from undertaking technical baseline studies to direct responsibility for the environmental and social impact assessment and approvals of some of PNGs largest mining and oil & gas projects including the PNG LNG Project, the Frieda River Copper Project and the world’s first seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) deposit mining proposal.

Over their careers our people have consulted on more than 25 resource development projects in PNG, leading teams on ESIA strategy and approvals, and in-field management of environmental and social baseline studies on land and in marine environments. For the majority of these projects this has been followed by continued technical advisory and environmental management and monitoring roles, as they have moved from approvals, through construction and on to operations.

We understand the complex cultural landscape as it relates to working in PNG and the sensitivities surrounding the country’s unique biodiversity values.

Attention to the social issues on resource projects is paramount in any jurisdiction. In PNG the primacy of landowner rights and the diversity of clans present complicated challenges, with wide-ranging stakeholder issues often playing out early in project feasibility. Our personnel have designed, coordinated and led stakeholder and remote community engagement programs on most of the ESIAs we have worked on. Our staff's experience has extended to workforce training programs in environmental management and monitoring as part of capacity building projects.

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Qualifying statement: ERIAS Group was established in January 2012 and since then the company has undertaken projects in a number of countries, in particular Papua New Guinea. Prior to 2012 the Principals and staff of ERIAS Group have directed and undertaken key roles on projects referenced on this website and other promotional material as employees of other consulting firms. Having moved on from these consultancies the experience represented is the collective career history of the senior ERIAS Group personnel.