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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) tailors a generic template to the project’s environmental, economic, social, legal and political context-and in particular to the interests and objectives of the stakeholders, who attend every ESIA process and who have such a strong influence on the political climate of the permitting process and on the conditions of project approval. At the same time, an ESIA is the proponent's statement. Teamwork matters and the ESIA professionals must take due account of the proponent’s philosophy, objectives and project execution method.

Our services encompass the full project permitting cycle: statutory requirements, stakeholder characterisation, scoping studies and permitting strategy; the design, direction, sub-consultancy contract management and technical supervision of multi-disciplinary field investigations and baseline studies; stakeholder and community engagement; impact assessment and mitigation planning; reporting and regulatory submissions; and the negotiation of approval conditions.

We assemble best-for-project ESIA teams from our own staff and associates. We place particular emphasis on the two-way interaction with a project’s feasibility study professionals, whose planning, engineering and financial studies are so important to environmental performance and a clear and confident statement of positive and negative impacts.