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Environmental Management

The term ‘environmental management’ covers a multitude of activities, from developing policies and management systems through to detailed environmental management plans (EMPs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs), and their implementation in the field. We understand the differences between what the regulators seek and what is most practical on the ground, between commitments that can and should be met and those that result in unrealistic expectations, and between monitoring programs that meet specific requirements and those that have a theoretical basis and may cost many times what is actually necessary. We also know that the transition between environmental impact assessment and environmental management can be misunderstood, and what is required for an orderly, rational and sensible transition.

Specific services that we offer include:

  • Environmental and social policies and management systems
  • Environmental and social management plans and procedures
  • Monitoring programs and procedures
  • Construction and operations field management
  • Closure plans
  • Expert technical advice in sediment and water quality, hydrology and biodiversity